Prestigious Sequoyah Hills (video)

Sequoyah Hills is one of Knoxville’s oldest and most prestigious neighborhoods. It’s located on Kingston Pike near The University of Tennessee and along the Tennessee River. It’s very convenient to Downtown Knoxville.
Sequoyah Hills is named after the Cherokee scholar Sequoyah, inventor of the Cherokee alphabet. The neighborhood has a rich history dating back to the 1920s. In 1955, Cherokee Boulevard was home to Knoxville’s first Dogwood Arts Trail. There’s a wide variety of architectural styles throughout. You’ll find some of Knoxville’s most elegant estates all the way to budget friendly cottages.
The neighborhood features a number of amenities including Sequoyah Park, 87 acres of open space along the river which includes 3 baseball fields, picnic areas, fields, walking trails, and more. It’s a popular spot to run, walk your dog, play, or just enjoy a book in the shade. There’s several other smaller parks as well & miles of trails for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.
The neighborhood also includes Sequoyah Elementary School, a library, apartments, condos, townhomes, & even a commercial area with a number of businesses including a gas station.

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