Q. How long does it take to produce the video?
A. Our videographer will be at the home for approximately 60 minutes. After the shoot the video will be edited, and emailed to you for you to make sure there’s no errors. Your video will be finished within 3 days of the shoot.

Q. What length of video should I purchase?
A. It depends on the square footage of the home. Here’s what we recommend:
Up to 2500 SF – 90 seconds
2501-4999 SF – 2 minutes
5,000+ SF – 3 minutes
Of course, we offer a 30 second teaser video as a budget friendly option however it’s limited to 6 or 7 scenes. We won’t be able to show the entire home in 30 seconds thus the reason it’s called ‘teaser’ :)

Q. Do I have to be in the video?
A. No, although we highly recommend you do! Video is the BEST way to brand yourself online! It’s really one of the best features of doing video is being in them. If you’re not comfortable with it that’s ok. We’re here to help you and ease you through the process. It’s definitely worth getting over your fears and will dramatically increase your brand and make your videos stand out from the rest.

Q. Why do videos cost more than virtual tours?
A. Time, labor, and equipment required are the main reasons it costs more than a virtual tour. Video is not like any virtual tours you may be used to. Video is real video, not stiched images, 360 degree images, or anything else. Videos set your listings apart from your competitors. Our price is low compared to others charging anywhere from $500-$2,000+ for similar products.

Q. Can I get the video on a DVD?
A. Yes, a DVD of your tour is available for $10.

Q. Where does my video get uploaded?
A. Please see our list of websites. You’ll also be able to add the video to additional sites with the url and codes we’ll give you.

Q. What areas do you serve?
A. There’s no additional cost for properties within a 50 mile drive from 12805 Kingston Pike in Farragut. Beyond 50 miles there’s a $25 travel charge for up to 75 miles. If it’s over 75 miles away the cost is $0.75/mile. Example: If the property is 90 miles from 12805 Kingston Pike, Farragut the travel cost would be $25 + $22.5 = $47.50

Q. Do I have to advertise in Homes & Land magazine to buy videos?
A. No, this is a separate service entirely.

Q. Do you offer photography?
A. Yes, standard photography and aerial is available.

Q. Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
A. Please contact Russell Haskins at 865-680-4233 for additional help.